Secrets of Washington, D.C. Walking Tour

As part of a meet-up for “Embassy Events in D.C. for Young Professionals” we met at Smithsonian Metro Station on June 4. The event description read:

“Join your fellow unique history buffs on the National Mall for a special guided tour that exposes the greatest secrets of our Nation’s Capitol. Not only will you learn about secret political hideaways and the meeting places of some of our most renowned spies, but we’ll also take a historical look into some of the best keep secrets about our Nation’s Capital, including scandals our leaders would rather keep secret. This walk is perfect for everyone suffering from the delusion of omniscience about Washington, D.C., as well as those looking for little known facts which will impress friends and office mates.”

Our group of a dozen or so felt a few raindrops along the way but the rain held off. Tiffani and Jabeen and I continued our walking on to Teaism in the Penn Quarter just north of the Mall for dinner and conversation. The rain began to downpour as we sat inside until the lights were nearly turned off. We made a break for it to Archives Metro stop, sloshing through the pooling water on the concrete steps, becoming a flowing fountain.

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