An evening downtown: CSIS and YNPNdc

Two events today: the CSIS-Schieffer Series Dialogues and the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network DC (YNPNdc). The first, at 1616 Rhode Island, “A Conversation about Russia,” was hosted by Bob Schieffer of CBS News’ “Face the Nation” and paneled by Dr. Brzezinski, Roger Cohen, and Lt. General Brent Scowcroft. The room was packed to the doors and so I found a seat on a ledge by the outside window. A reception followed with coffee and cake and next to me in line a woman from the Ukraine, out of place, ruffled. Ukraine is a real place, a home, with real people, not just policy points for old men to discuss. She left in a flash.

I met up with Paul at CSIS and we headed to the YNPNdc networking event, a few blocks away.  It was the usual chatter with some pleasant people. Paul and I stayed after and chatted.

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