Presented on the Magic of Tidying in Old Town

Today I gave a speech at Old Town Toastmasters (Alexandria, VA) about the importance of coming to terms with the things we own. This was the 9th speech in my Competent Communicators manual. At this point folks in the club are calling me a “seasoned toastmaster.” While I’ve been in the club for three years, I still feel like a beginner. There is lots to learn. The first hundred speeches are throw-away anyway.

This is the speech’s conclusion:

There are three approaches toward your possessions: 1) face them now, 2) face them sometime, or 3) avoid them until you die. I believe the sooner we confront our possessions, the better. If you are going to put your house in order, do it now. Once you are surrounded by what gives you joy, you will become more mindful and purposeful.