Welcome to my page! I’m glad to connect with you. I’m a PhD student at the Schar School of Policy and Government at George Mason University in Arlington, Virginia and a research analyst with the Nexight Group in Silver Spring, Maryland. Key personal themes include teaching, learning, analyzing, and sharing. 

Feel free to dive into selected conferences and projects, as well as highlights from National Geographic and editorial work for a literary magazine. Published research can be found on ResearchGate.

A few professional highlights:

  • Disseminated research results on the migration experience of Pacific Islanders to the U.S. for the Environmental Law Institute
  • Advised political leaders on legislation concerning water, land, and ocean resources for the state of Hawai’i
  • Provided insight and organization for public health studies in the developing world, the Center for Social Research and Development in Vietnam, a cultural NGO in rural China focusing on oral history
  • Interned at the United Nations Cartographic Section

I enjoy experiencing significant places of culture, history, and adventure; explicating poetry; and learning Tagalog. And all ocean sports: scuba, snorkel, surfing, swimming.