East-West Center

 Florida Society of Geographers


February 2011

“An Analysis of the Socio-Economic and Demographic Effects of Miami-Dade’s SunLife Stadium” 

As a member of the Florida Society of Geographers I presented my work on the promotion of stadiums and their socio-economic and demographic effects at various scales at the annual conference. Spatial-statistical analysis and ArcGIS were incorporated to address concerns over developers’ and politicians’ promises of neighborhood revitalization, assessing socio-economic effects spatially and temporally, and how prevailing ideas in the sport tourism literature are both affirmed and challenged by stadium development.

Chair: Dr. Mary Caravelis

This presentation investigates the effects of a professional sports venue on the local neighborhood in Miami-Dade County. The County provides an interesting case study with a variety of stadiums and arenas with varying degrees of synergy with the local neighborhood. This analysis focuses on one venue in particular: Sun Life Stadium, a multi-functional stadium located in the northern suburbs and opened in 1987. To conduct the investigation, the following questions are asked: 1) Where is the sports arena located? 2) What are the socio-economic effects of the stadium on the surrounding neighborhood over time? Addressing the first question reveals if locational patterns exist. Factors of population, race, income, and housing value will be explored.  The second question addresses concerns about who gains and who loses from developing the stadium and how it has affected the surrounding neighborhood, both long-term and short-term.

Florida Society of Geographers Conference Program